Friday, March 27, 2015

Chistopher Hitchens, a great man lost a few years ago, RIP. Such a great intellectual example and word-smith, I highly recommend his books. So in that vein though, here's what I have to say about these prevalent and annoying religious zealots here in the bible belt and what I think of their dogmatic fairy tales:

Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, on and on. The sooner infantile systems of fairy tales - juvenile bromides-of-comfort from the childhood of our societies, organized attempts to promote inane tales that are anathema to common sense - finish withering and die on the vine and intellectually disencumber mankind the better. The sooner we can shake off the final vestiges of an antecedent mythical mental placeholder long ago fully superseded by scientific facts, flush away once and for all those constantly regurgitated banalities that were long ago outmoded by basic logic as well as science and all empirical measures, then the sooner the violence in the name of some odious "God" by insipid organizations like Isis can vanish for lack of any cogent exigence to right some "offense" to humanities own organized, and self-imposed, retardation, and most often lead by some vapid demagogue who should be imprisoned for the promotion of cerebral surrender and callowness. That self-imposed mental disability, that system of magic and mysticism that we voluntarily surrender our free will and analytical abilities in favor of is called “Religion” - by any particular named denomination or set of superstitions, time to stop disabling (and disadvantaging) our intellect out of fear or laziness or in preservation of some residual incipient brain-washing. ‪#‎Swearingin‬